Freak Marbles feature on the best marble racing channels in the world! For amazing Freak Marbles races, dynamic games and non-stop FUN watch and follow our friends …

Join Jelle’s Marble Runs! 🚀

With 1.4M fans and 166M views, they’re epic at marble races. Now, get hyped for the ultra-cool Freak Marbles showdown! 🌪️🔥 Who’s the fastest? Let’s roll! 🏁


Get ready for Fubeca’s Marble Runs

The ultimate destination for marble race enthusiasts with 731K followers and nearly 200M views! Brace yourselves for the exhilarating Freak Marbles Championship! Don’t miss the rush; watch now!


Marble Run Indonesia / Marble Universe

Roll into the world of Marble Run Indonesia: a staggering 2.73M fans and over 884M views!  For more marble action, swing by their new channel, MARBLE UNIVERSE, and witness the Freak Marbles tournament in all its glory! 🏁 Daily races? They’ve got that too! 🌌 Don’t miss out!

@MarbleRunIndonesia / @Marble.Universe


Check out Marble Run Sport! 🚀 

With a whopping 141.2K followers on TikTok and 2.2M likes, they’re the go-to for quick and thrilling marble races. If you’re into fast-paced marble action, this is where it’s at! 🏁🔥 Don’t miss out!


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